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Wednesday June 15, 2011

Page history last edited by Monteith 9 years, 8 months ago

     Left this morning to head down to Waterloo to catch my first of 3 flights.  First problem, Easton was disappointed that the Space Shuttle wasn't going to come pick me up, I like the way he thinks!  Problem 2 toughest part of the day saying goodbye to the Jenny and the boys for a week.  After that boarded the Saab340B and headed to Minneapolis.  Arrived at Minneapolis with a stiff neck from staring out the window the entire flight and sore cheeks from smiling the whole way.  Thought of the day while flying, there should be a therapy company that flies people in airplanes to cure weather depression, it was cloudy and dreary when we took off and above the clouds, it was a gorgeous sunny day with fluffy white clouds down below.  Landed in Minneapolis and had about a 2 hour layover.  Decided to grab some McDonalds for lunch and relaxed to some music and worked on the boys' birthday cake design.

     Boarded the full AirbusA319 a little later than scheduled and once again enjoyed a window seat flight.  Enjoyed a nice sunny afternoon once again watching everything pass by with breaks in the clouds.  Was seated right behind the wings and marveled at their technology and all the moving parts.  My favorite part was as we come into land and the flaps extend back and out and you realize you are supported in the air by a wing that actually has a visible gap between the leading and trailing edge.  Arrived in Memphis actually back on schedule and ready to make the connecting flight to Huntsville, Alabama.

     Really wanted to stop and grab some great smelling Memphis BBQ, but unfortunately didn't have time.  Upon boarding the final plane realized the person who was suppose to be next to me took my window seat, but decided that might not be a bad thing since my neck was sore from staring out the window on the first 2 flights.  Took the aisle seat and sat by a gentleman who worked for the company that is involved with parts of the shuttle solid rocket boosters and talked about the progression of civilian space travel, maybe the boys and I will travel in space together one day.  As we approached the airport there was a storm.  Nothing like a night flight in a storm, the lightening was great, and the turbulence was exciting!  Second flight thought of the day, maybe cancel the flight therapy idea.

     Landed safe, and quickly got in the airport without getting too wet.  Met up with the space acadamy personnel and 2 other participants, got on the bus and headed for the University of Alabama campus.  As we were driving you couldn't help but notice the Saturn Rocket Model at the Space and Rocket Center fully illuminated at night, standing proud with the bolts of lightening in the background, it just gave me goosebumps.  I was here!

     We got to the dorms and checked in and received a whole bunch of goodies including the blue flight suit for the week!  This is going to be AWESOME!  I met up with my roommates/teammates, (GO TEAM ZARYA!) grabbed a sandwich and pop and joined about 10 other guys for the end of the Stanley Cup game 7.  So far I have met people from Phoenix, Wyoming, Minnesota, New York, and Canada and almost all of them have had some tie to Iowa.  It's that crazy 5 degrees of separation thing.  As you can tell it is time to wrap this up and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!  It's time for SPACE CAMP!

Space Academy Adventure


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